Cieloverde Camping Village was born in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma to allow families and young people to spend a relaxing fun holiday surrounding by nature, just a stone's throw from the sea. A perfect combination to keep your MIND flexible, powerful and healthy, far from urban chaos and everyday stress.

Why not to the BODY?

The idea to create the largest outdoor fitness gym in Tuscany for cross training arises from this simple question.

An innovative fitness system that combines a variety of targeted exercises (elements from olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell exercises and explosive training) to achieve strength, power, speed, cardiorespiratory capacity as well as balance, precision, agility and coordination.

A program that offers endurance and an overall improvement in physical condition and functional capacity.

The activities of which it is composed, functional training, street training, postural gymnastics, Ashtanga yoga, strength and weight lifting, calisthenics makes CrossTraining a complete discipline, a motivating training method and an excellent anti-stress agent that is suitable for all those who want to test themselves and get back in shape. The program can also be adapted to a personal level of performance in a more “light” variant.

Under the guidance of certificate Trainer and his highly qualified staff, you have the opportunity to train in the shade of the pine trees and caressed by the sea breeze while developing a toned, harmonious and above all, functional physique.

Don’t wait until your gym opens again! The Cieloverde Cross Training is open all summer!


Each class will host a maximum of 10 participants and you will be followed step by step by a qualified instructor.

From 27/06 to 03/09

For further information and reservations please contact +39 338.6572192 on the phone or by email.

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