The Adventure Park is a wooded park, equipped to let a new eco-compatible activity of great playing, sporting and emotional involvement. The success of this kind of parks is today well-settled, thanks to more than 800 operating structures around Europe, which involve every year hundreds of thousands of people. The park consists in a sequence of hanging paths among forest trees; thanks to cables, wooden elevated platforms and ropes, you can move easily and in a completely safe way from one tree to another. The whole structure has been studied to respect the trees and the park area.

Whom is it addressed to?
To adults and children and to all the people who want to be in contact with the wooded world in a new and adventurous way. This kind of activity stimulates fantasy and the will to overcome our own limits through a new and involving experience.
Adventure Park Alberovivo offers the chance to play a sport activity in harmony with nature, in a new and adventurous way, everything enhancing and respecting the arboreal property. In the park you will circle among the tree foliage, discovering a normally not much explored natural element: "the tree". Private consumers (adults, boys/girls and children) are an important component, but the park is a very good ludic-didactic means for schools, associations, sport societies etc. too.

General functioning: Consumers of all ages provided with a sling, with two ropes for the individual assurance and with technical and security explanations, will be able to move and go forward among the foliage. Fastened to a cable they will go forward from one tree to another, reassured by the fact that on every tree they will find a safe eco-compatible wooden platform. So the path will be one, but divided into many tracts with always different difficulties and experiences, with the chance to make a stop on the platforms to have a rest and to enjoy the new view.

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