Maremma of Grosseto extends along the whole Tyrrhenian coast of the Grosseto province, coming up from the sea until the declivities and the woods of Mount Amiata. At the same time wild and welcoming, Maremma is today known for the fascination of its beaches, for the green of its pinewoods and bushes, for its antique and attractive villages… Its name evokes boundless ranges of olive groves and vineyards, the warmth of thermal waters, the pleasure of good food, wonderful landscapes, daybreaks and sunsets which are not to be missed.

Maremma is nowadays no more an unhealthy and marshy district, but its long isolation has anyway preserved it, making it a unique place, where nature and culture, present and past merge together. Maremma is a very large land, a big stage where atmospheres, lights, landscapes and flavours take turns. You can visit the Maremma of the Metalliferous Hills with their green spaces, the Maremma of the medieval fortified villages, like the well-known Massa Marittima, the Maremma of towns like Follonica and Grosseto. You can visit the wild side of Maremma at the mouth of river Ombrone and in the Maremma Park, where nature rules and the butteri (the famous Maremma cowherds) from time immemorial follow herds of horses and cattle, left to the pasture in the wild state.

You can also visit the Maremma of Etruscans, with Roselle and Vetulonia, the Maremma of tuff, with Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana, the Maremma of Romans, with the rests of the ancient Cosa. Finally, if you want to find the sea in Maremma, you can visit Marina di Grosseto, well-known for its beaches and pinewoods, while if you're looking for the mountain, just visit Mount Argentario and the volcanic massif of Mount Amiata.

In conclusion, Maremma is from north to south an incomparable land, which deeply impresses anyone who visits it. Thanks to its geographic position, Camping Cieloverde is the best place to make a stop in order to reach without trouble all the most important localities of the Grosseto district.

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